Client testimonials

“The logo was very importan for us…”

CourseSpring – 17 June 2011 

The logo was very important for us as it had to make an impact with the user in the way we wanted the brand to be conveyed. We were beginning to lose hope after several designers created their ideas which did not meet our vision but then…

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“…met all the requirements …”

Adrian, AD-TECH Security – 24 August 2011

This logo design met all the requirements of our design brief and the selected symbol represents what we do as a business ie. watching our client’s premises. Great work LogoFolder!

“I love the concept…”

Factor3 Solutions – 16 August 2011 

I love the concept you came up with for my logo. It is exactly what I was looking for.

“… design was an easy pick…”

Internetyhtiö Revanssi – 21 September 2011

LogoFolder’s design met the requirements and instructions straight ahead with a single try. We had a great amount of potential logo designs on our contest and in the end the modern, crisp & minimalist design was an easy pick.

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“Great design right off the bat!”

Blue Shell Construction Ltd. – 7 September 2011

Great design right off the bat! great designer to work with, it was a real pleasure. Thanks to LogoFolder my company will have a new fresh start.

“…meet our criteria…”

D. Wheatly – 12 March 2012

Fantastic designer who managed to meet our criteria to the letter.

“…pleasure working with you…”

A. Patel – 6 December 2011

I am extremely happy with what you have shown me. I have a few friends that are also starting their own companies and will gladly recommend you to them. Your design really stood out amongst the 50+ that were submitted to me and it has been a great pleasure working with you.

“I appreciate the professionalism.”

SkyCHRON Inc. – 29 October 2011

The logo design captured the critical elements of the brief, but put in some thought about how the logo might ‘scale’ that my brief did not steer towards. I appreciate the professionalism. I also got way more files in the end than I asked for, but now I have all that I need for a complete corporate identity. Very nicely done!

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“I would highly recommend…”

M. Kieffer –  21 January 2012

We were very pleased with the logo design for our new company. This designer was very attentive to our design brief and additional direction. The initial design was spot on, and subsequent tweaking was gladly accommodate with valuable input from the designer. I would highly recommend.

“…intelligent, creative choices.”

J. Fitzgerald – 7 December 2011

The logo designs submitted by this artist were all very high quality.  They responded to feedback promptly and with intelligent, creative choices.  Their professionalism continued all the way through the handoff process, where a wide variety of image formats were provided including a variety of different color combinations to support different backgrounds (as well as transparencies), plus a document describing the font and specific color information.  We look forward to working with them again.

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